General information on the CEN/TS 14961 Classification

The CEN/TS 14961 classification is a technical specification published in 2005 by the working group CEN TC 335 solid biofuels. It divides solid biomass into three main groups (woody biomass, herbaceous biomass, and fruit biomass). These groups are subdivided in two further levels.

In 2010, the technical specification was followed by the European Norm EN 14961-1 (“General requirements”) and in 2011 by EN 14961-5 (“Firewood for non-industrial use”). The subdivision used in these norms differs slightly from CEN/TS 14961.

At present, the BIODAT subset of data in Phyllis uses the CEN/TS 14961 classification, but it is intended to change that into EN 14961 in future.