Grass from road side (verge gras), autoclaved (#3539)

MaterialGrass from road side (verge gras), autoclaved
Alternative nameVerge grass
DescriptionMaterial processed under temperature and pressure in an autoclave
Classification CEN/TS 14961 classification ▸ Ashes and residues from biomass conversion
ECN Phyllis classification ▸ char ▸ grass
NTA 8003 classification ▸ [800] samengestelde stromen ▸ [804] brandstof na carbonisatie
CountryThe Nethelands
Submitter organisationECN (Netherlands)
Submission date2015-10-10
RemarksTorwashed verge grass (original material see ID 3538)


Property Unit Value Std dev Det lim Lab Date Method Remarks
ar dry daf

Main biomass properties

Proximate analysis

Moisture content wt% 1.30 ECN EN 14774-1/2
Ash content at 550°C wt% 13.62 13.80 ECN EN 14775
Ash content at 815°C wt% 13.62 13.80 ECN EN 14775
Volatile matter wt% 62.18 63.00 73.09 ECN EN 15148
Fixed carbon wt% 22.90 23.20 26.91 Calculated

Ultimate analysis (macroelements)

Total (with halides) wt% 14.92 13.80 0.00 Calculated