paper-mill sludge (#2346)

Materialpaper-mill sludge
Classification ECN Phyllis classification ▸ sludge ▸ paper sludge ▸ paper-mill sludge
NTA 8003 classification ▸ [400] slib ▸ [440] papierslib
Submitter organisationECN (Netherlands)
Submission date2003-03-31
LiteratureK. Kannan, G. Oblisami and B. G. Loganathan: Enzymology of ligno-cellulose degradation by Pleurotus sajor-caju during growth on paper-mill sludge. Biological Wastes 33-1 (1990) 1-8.


Property Unit Value Std dev Det lim Lab Date Method Remarks
ar dry daf

Main biomass properties

Proximate analysis

Moisture content wt% (ar)
Ash content wt% 15.30

Ultimate analysis (macroelements)

Total (with halides) wt% 15.30 0.00 Calculated

Biochemical analysis

Cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin

Cellulose wt% (dry) 23.40 Measured
Lignin wt% (dry) 16.10 Measured


Total ash + biochemical wt% (dry) 54.80 Calculated