rape seed pyrolysis oil (#2157)

Materialrape seed pyrolysis oil
Classification ECN Phyllis classification ▸ others ▸ non-fossil oil
NTA 8003 classification ▸ [800] samengestelde stromen ▸ [802] brandstof na pyrolyse
Submitter organisationECN (Netherlands)
Submission date2001-04-24
Remarksproduced by heating to 550°C from material in ID 2156. Pyrolysis oil yield approximately 65%.
LiteratureOnay,Ö.; Beis,S.H.; Koçkar, Ö.M.: Fast pyrolysis of rape seed in a well-swept fixed-bed reactor. J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis 58-59 (2001) 995-1007.


Property Unit Value Std dev Det lim Lab Date Method Remarks
ar dry daf

Main biomass properties

Proximate analysis

Moisture content wt% (ar)

Ultimate analysis (macroelements)

Carbon wt% 73.10 Measured
Hydrogen wt% 12.50 Measured
Oxygen wt% 12.30 Calculated
Nitrogen wt% 2.10 Measured
Total (with halides) wt% 100.00 Calculated

Heating value

Net calorific value (LHV) MJ/kg 37.07
Gross calorific value (HHV) MJ/kg 39.80