waste fat sediment, light phase (#2150)

Materialwaste fat sediment, light phase
Classification ECN Phyllis classification ▸ organic residue/product ▸ food industry waste
NTA 8003 classification ▸ [500] biomassa uit de industrie ▸ [560] dierlijke vetten en oliën
Submitter organisationECN (Netherlands)
Submission date2001-04-23
Remarksdark brown-red liquid with traces of water; viscosity 71.7 mm2/s at 20°C, 32.7 at 40°C; flash point 235°C; pH=6; pour point -13°C
LiteratureRadovanovic,M.; Zivanovic,T.; Stojiljkovic,D.; Jovanovic,V.; Jerinic,N.; Knezevic,S. et.al. Utilization of sunflower husk as a fuel for industrial boilers - 20 years experience. Proc. 5th Eur. Conf. on Industrial Furnaces&Boilers 2000,vol.2,p.221-233.


Property Unit Value Std dev Det lim Lab Date Method Remarks
ar dry daf

Main biomass properties

Proximate analysis

Moisture content wt% 0.00
Ash content wt% 1.00 1.00

Ultimate analysis (macroelements)

Total (with halides) wt% 1.00 1.00 0.00 Calculated

Heating value

Gross calorific value (HHV) MJ/kg 37.75 37.75 38.13

Physical Properties

Commonly used properties

Bulk density (ar) kg/m³ (ar) 923