Database for the physico-chemical composition of (treated) lignocellulosic biomass, micro- and macroalgae, various feedstocks for biogas production and biochar

Phyllis is a database containing information on the composition of biomass, macro- and micro-algae, feedstocks for biogas production, biochar and torrefied biomass. Phyllis provides data for individual materials or average values for a group of materials.

Phyllis is an initiative from ECN and the database has been combined with the BIODAT database from the PHYDADES project. Phyllis is maintained by ECN.TNO Biomass & Energy Efficiency. At present it contains around 3000 data records. Phyllis will be updated and extended regularly.

You can get answers to questions such as:

  • What is the average sulphur content of wood?
  • What is the ash content of willow?
  • What is the average calorific value of chicken manure?

You may also contact ECN.TNO to ask for tailor made selections, fully conducted to your wishes at a reasonable fee. Contact us at for information or with suggestions for improvement.

If you use data from the Phyllis database we kindly ask you to refer to:

Phyllis2, database for (treated) biomass, algae, feedstocks for biogas production and biochar,

Development of Phyllis2 was co-funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme through the BRISK project, and is being funded by the H2020 Programme (Grant Agreement Number 731101) through the BRISK-2 project.

BRISK BRISK2 7th Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Programme